Faithfully loving, Joyfully living, and striving to think like Christ.

Blog Posts

During the Season leading to Resurrection Sunday, April 16, we have a daily blogpost devotional series. Here are a few of the recent articles. More may be seen at

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FCC is Committed

…to proclaim God’s Truth, (revealed without error in God’s Word the Bible)
…to evangelize – reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus
…to be faithful disciples—followers of Jesus Christ
…to example Christ-like love for God and for one another,
…to promote Scriptural holiness of heart and life, and
…to advance Christian virtue in the public square.

Recent Videos

As the Lord provides the means we are planning to begin LIVE STREAMING and to have ARCHIVED SERVICES on our web page. Until then we have provided some video of our IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT SERIES. You may see more at

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